Taiwanese schools make girls wear knee-high skirts in cold weather

Taiwanese schools make girls wear knee-high skirts in cold weather

It’s been relatively cold for long periods of time this winter in Taiwan, but it’s been even colder for some Taiwanese school girls, because they have to wea…

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25 Responses to “Taiwanese schools make girls wear knee-high skirts in cold weather”

  1. Glenn Maxwell says:


  2. DjTommyKx says:

    wtf is that crazy bitch dragging at 0:43 ?

  3. gabsylv says:

    It’s the same situation in (even colder) Korea. Some girls do wear the
    leggings, but fashion conscious girls will just bear the cold to avoid
    looking un-cool. The point is, the boys all wear woolen trousers. Why is
    there even a THOUGHT of girls wearing short skirts in the wintertime? Is it
    a turn-on for the male teachers? A way to discipline girls in their
    feminine gender roles? Those ridiculous skirts are a form of patriarchal

  4. mrsleepy madser says:

    The pedo Bear will be angry if they allow them to were pants because he
    will not be able to use his camera pen .

  5. Darryl hall says:

    I have that school girl attire fetish.

  6. Chris says:

    They could just wear thermal stockings… although that would get hot
    inside buildings I would imagine.

  7. thesw3boy says:

    +10 C? -.- Come to sweden

  8. rickysea says:

    Confucius say “Woman with skirt up can run faster than man with pants

  9. abdi1983 says:

    their head teachers perverts what do you expect.

  10. MONIQ MOON says:

    sock warmers knee high

  11. Thugnasty Qt says:

    Asian accent at its best

  12. Shazia A Vampette says:


  13. Wen Eros says:

    WE prefer mini-skirts …

  14. Jose Luna says:


  15. florxl naylee says:

    If taiwanese girls came to Singapore,i but they fill like removing
    everything. They are unlucky if they go my school as my school uniform is
    army type material as my school is known for their uniformed group.

  16. MONIQ MOON says:

    how a bout skirts with warmers! 

  17. khanh huynh says:


  18. Xternal47 says:

    Ermm thats what I thought at first but surprisingly when wearing tights (as
    shown in the video) during winter, its more warm than pants where cold air
    can enter. :)

  19. i2k says:

    barely any cover for their legs? then tell me what is that black thing
    covering their legs?

  20. Nads A says:

    10 degrees celcius is actually very warm for winter lol so why are they
    complaining? They don’t even have snow!

  21. PE Prozent says:

    I prefer Burka.

  22. SurfingTangents says:

    I prefer the skirts! They *DO* look much prettier! – And they REALLY need
    to STOP being silly saying: ‘barely any covering’. – Thick tights are
    WARMER than trousers. (ESPECIALLY those beige monstrosities they showed at
    the end of the vid! *MY DAYS! LOL!).

    PS – Girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers or blazers and ties at *MY*school. – *And
    we LOVED it!* – *Yey!* for Femininity! *Twirls and lets my skirt billow in
    the wind* :-) xxx

  23. Blow-Up Bunny says:

    Pants are much better. That’s what I and plenty of my other classmates
    chose instead of skirts. And for those who say tights are warmer than pants
    either your memory is fuzzy or you’re just not all together. It doesn’t
    matter how thick the stockings are, especially when a really gusty wind
    kicks it up your skirt. Pants provide a much better barrier against the
    elements than stockings. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

  24. Nigel Uno says:

    I don’t think they understand how leggings work. Tons of girls here wear
    leggings, uggs and northface jackets. They seem plenty warm to me.

  25. Jamaica Dancehall TV says: