Modest Dressing Essentials ♡ ~ Tips for Skirts

Modest Dressing Essentials ~ A video series aimed at helping you on a practical level to be modestly dressed. Modesty is a heart issue, and only God has the ability to change the heart….
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5 Responses to “Modest Dressing Essentials ♡ ~ Tips for Skirts”

  1. Paige Nakiwu says:

    I thank God for your life please continue with your amazing work

  2. Mary for Ruby Redeemed says:

    “Jesus didn’t save up so that we could have 100 likes, He saved us so we
    wouldn’t burn in hell” my sister, you betta preach that thing!!!

  3. doriababy says:

    I love ur videos I always learn something

  4. Natalie Emma Hislop says:

    Love this video!!

  5. MsRoxanneSasha says:

    God bless you! Thank you for being such an inspiration. Happy New Year also