How to style maxi dresses/skirts for petites!

How to style maxi dresses/skirts for petites!

Hey ladiez! Seeing that I’m 4’11.5, I am what most would consider “short”. I know theres a bunch of ladies like that out there! This doesn’t mean you cant ke…
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25 Responses to “How to style maxi dresses/skirts for petites!”

  1. MTHockey33 says:

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!! You just save my life!!!

  2. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  3. Tanamontana100 says:


  4. TheBeautyFashion1 says:

    MORE VIDEOS FOR PETITES!!!! thumbs up so she can see!!!

  5. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    no you dont!!! work it!

  6. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    thank you!

  7. TheBeautyFashion1 says:

    ily too gal xo

  8. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  9. ashley intriago says:


  10. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  11. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    thank you!!

  12. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    yahoo for shawties!

  13. DawnJennette says:

    I’m 4 11 and I’ve always wondered if maxi dresses would look good!

  14. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  15. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  16. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    tank yew!!!!!!

  17. Jerri SugarPlum says:

    yeah good idea!

  18. XCgal98 says:

    love this Jerri! I’m only 5″1 and this helped a lot! I would love to see
    more styling videos for petites

  19. meganallison93 says:

    werkin’ it!

  20. Carly Todd says:

    Yes! Short girls unite

  21. Jerri SugarPlum says:


  22. selenagomez443 says:

    Your so gorgeous. I love how your paired the outfits!:)

  23. Lily T says:

    I’m 5″2 and just feel like I’d look stupid if I wear a maxi dress like it
    would drown me but you look really nice in yours :/

  24. gopher3737 says:

    you look great in all the outfits, I like the last one best

  25. mmadsen1968 says:

    u look fab