How I style Maxi Skirts!

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26 Responses to “How I style Maxi Skirts!”

  1. abigirl432 says:

    yup it look really nice on youxx

  2. brittaneyrachelle says:

    For the yellow skirt that is see through…. you can find a slip to go up
    under it so your underwear won’t be shown but there really hard to find now

  3. fashion4ward07 says:

    Are the quality of the clothing good?

  4. brittaneyrachelle says:


  5. 96sunce says:

    i think that you just become one of my favourite fashion guru :D you are
    very beautiful girl :D

  6. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Lol, thank you!

  7. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    I have links to them in the description box!

  8. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Aww, thank you hunnyyyy :) xo

  9. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  10. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Hmm, for the price I say everything was of good quality, but the sleeveless
    turtle neck crop top I must say did feel of cheap spandex material.

  11. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Thanks! :) xo

  12. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    They fit true to size. I got a medium.

  13. PurpleRedKisses1 says:

    where you get your hello kitty glasses from ?

  14. jameca mcdonald says:

    about the rope chain i looked on ebay and i couldnt find it ive been
    looking for that exact chain. whats your advice ?

  15. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Which one? The blue one right? :)

  16. abigirl432 says:

    I love the maxi skirt :D

  17. muhongo10 says:

    Did the black maxi dress fit well? What size do you normally wear? I want
    to order one but they’re in “Asia” size and I’m a medium and scared they
    wont fit.

  18. Samantha Derrick says:

    MEN WANT MEAT,DOGS LIKE BONES. Most women in the world are below
    5’7″.average American woman is 5’4″. models arent known for beauty! they
    look like 7 foot tall teenage boys.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim
    kardashain,rosee divine,Marika fruscio,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco
    austin,Sophie Dee,Sarah lime,Monica
    santiago,Arab,latina,italian,armen­ian,etc women,shorter women have more
    estrogen which explains curves! you dont wanna look like a 6 foot tall
    giant male.your height is perfect

  19. blimeychrissy says:

    I’ve always wanted to buy those maxis but scared might be too short! Lol

  20. nnannabannanna says:

    I love that first chain

  21. BeautyxFashionxStyle says:

    Random street vendors on the street in Manhattan. I’m pretty sure you can
    find them on Ebay or Amazon! :)

  22. Aniyah Amber says:


  23. Aniyah Amber says:

    Ayeeee we love de vybz

  24. Sabaa Al-Zoubi says:

    Your Hair <3

  25. Annicka Smith says:


  26. lulu wakz says:

    lovvee the color of the skirt