Girls In Mini Skirts| How We Wear it!

Wooo look at me switching it up and doing vids with my online pals..hopefully there are more in the future. Check out suzi’s Channel:…
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How you should wear a skirt depends largely on the general shape of your body. Wear skirts for pear-shaped women with help from a wardrobe stylist in this fr…

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25 Responses to “Girls In Mini Skirts| How We Wear it!”

  1. 1024specialkay says:

    just subscribed!

  2. Act101babee says:

    I think it’s because because we can’t wait to see how beautiful their
    babies are going to be, with both their genes they’ll be gorgeous!!!

  3. beautycakez says:

    love you both <3

  4. soulsistahblessed says:

    And that’s how you do a collabo!! Loved it!

  5. sasuki604 says:

    Loved your second outfits! :)

  6. fancydoll54 says:

    suzie eyes are huge. look like an asian doll

  7. Alanna Bobana says:

    Before even watching i know ill love it!

  8. rachelstov says:

    I love the shoes in the first look! How long ago did you buy them in Zara?

  9. TheTripleIII says:

    Suzi wears contact lenses, doesn’t she? Her eyes look great in this vid!

  10. mandisa nkosi says:

    Suzi’s got sexy legs, overall nice outfits really loved the first one :p

  11. ebony97221 says:

    She’s ADORABLE !!! Too cute

  12. Rasha M says:

    I love your hair, can you make a video about it please?

  13. gabrivair says:

    damnit i wud kill for legs like that!!!! 1:18

  14. Lisah Griffin says:

    I love her Mickey mouse tee!!

  15. Venus G. says:

    I love how ya’ll styled the skirts!

  16. Venus G. says:

    Btw I love the music!! I love Brandy!

  17. Venus G. says:

    Well I see that the song is by a guy & not a Brandy…lol! I heard a
    snippet of Sitting on Top of the World by Brandy in his song.

  18. BelinaEccott says:

    cute :)

  19. Ana B says:

    you are both equally stunning

  20. Ola Aja Nwachuku says:

    Hey patty can u speak Yoruba

  21. Paula Jackson says:


  22. Natasha Meyer says:

    Love it thanks so much

  23. Mary C says:

    You work so well together! :)

  24. Stacy A says:

    What kind of hair do you use patty? 

  25. Haytch cici says:

    Love the first pair of zara shoes !!!