Fashion Advice : How Do I Wear Mini Skirts in the Winter?

Mini skirts are a fun, easy thing to wear in the winter due to their comfort, ease and overall flexibility. Wear mini skirts in the winter with help from a w…

Fall Fashion boots and skirts! Fall and Winter boots with skirts. Awesome dance style haul. Booties, knee high boots, thigh high boots, short skirts and long…
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26 Responses to “Fashion Advice : How Do I Wear Mini Skirts in the Winter?”

  1. EmmanouellaK says:

    7 people they just don’t know that this was awasome things!Gorgeous!

  2. divapuppy12 says:

    I would love I see matching accessories!!

  3. vinhkhanh2009 says:

    I love Anne Michelle Chacos-05 Buckle Pointy Toe Knee High Boot and my
    favorite skirt out of your selection is Downtown Tulip Skirt!!

  4. superjuicystar08 says:

    Aztec skirt omg I luv!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. fotinix says:

    LOVED the red ankle booties!!!!

  6. 3lilyyy says:

    i love the way you filmed this!

  7. kirsten rowland says:

    I fucking love you

  8. Danii Price says:

    You have the most beautiful legs!

  9. bella tran says:

    cool vid, nice body but random style lol

  10. lauren mcgee says:

    I like the Bamboo verde-47 Buckle Slouchy Mid-Calf Boot! It the brown
    color! Super cute!!

  11. Omoyemen Odia says:


  12. LionRoseProductions says:

    Favorite video! nice editing real creative :)

  13. Feruza Mirzalieva says:

    @SpankieValentine sre thank sooo muchh love u guys a lot u r genius! loves
    from dubai

  14. beezyanita says:

    I would wear the Colorful Me Skirt with the Qupid Neutral-177 Buckle Round
    Toe Bootie, just to give it a twist…

  15. Esperanza Druasi says:

    Oh Lovely ! A video mixed between boots and skirts. Just beautyful !!

  16. freshprincessgirl says:

    I absolutely looooooove the Leopard Thigh High Boots! :)

  17. ishyyboo says:

    I really love the city nights skirt and the wild diva candies riding
    boots:D but I love all of them!!

  18. Mae Sparrow says:

    You are so beautiful! I love the little video in the beginning! It was so
    neat!! My favorite boots are the Marina Buckle Military Lace Up Mid-Calf
    boot and my favorite skirt is the Rosebud Aroma Skirt. I think they look
    look to cute together!

  19. Mandy da silva says:

    i love it

  20. bongo nuts says:

    luved it..geniouse intro..better than any commercial and cute..xxxx

  21. fio Glam says:

    weird dance but kind of entertaining haha

  22. Lucia Mora says:

    Gorgeous! Subscribing! :)

  23. Gabby Gonzalez says:

    I love them all

  24. Nadia Posada says:

    good job!

  25. Rachel Hearts says:

    Ok it was a hard choice I love them all! But the leopard knee high boots
    was my favorite their so sassy!!! 

  26. PartyGirl1773xoxo says:

    Thank you!!!